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Protokol Korsakov

Protokol Korsakov is formed by Giorgio Savalli, Guerrero Arcaico and Hyalmari Kansikas in Oslo, Norway in 2013.


Their current music is so eclectic that can't be catalogued in just one genre. If we could define Protokol Korsakov's music in just 3 words those would be: mesmerizing, frantic and energetic. 


Their music influences are wide and they have been compared with bands such as Primus, Faith no More, Tool, NIN and Rage Against the Machine with their first digital album entitled: "Sponsored by your Mother"(released by Grrero and Kansikas) The album is free to download from their page in Soundcloud.


Nevertheless Protokol Korsakov can't be predicted. 


They have started to develop a new concept of music. One that involves more essences of their Latin roots combined with their psychedelic points of view, giving us the up coming unique experience called: "Enter Zaiko Latin".

This conceptual album hasn't been released yet, however you can check their single "SHALASHASKA"


Protokol Korsakov presentando su disco debut este 2022, con un adelanto de dicho material que pronto estara en plataformas virtuales y en su formato fisico en poleras, el siguiente sencillo es parte del Latin Psico, y lleva por titulo Sangrando Hierva.

Presenting their live video of the song Shalashaska from Arcaico Studio

 Oslo Norway

And a live experience in the Festival all over Hauger with a dipartimento and the song "The Sacrifice" here in the followings links:

Some compares this new era of the group with bands such as The Mars Volta, Santana,Los Jaivas, Porcupine Tree,At the Drive in, between others.


Right now the band is planning and designing the final details for their upcoming new conceptual album "Enter Zaiko Latin" and booking new places to spread this unique and never seen before power house of showcase for this summer in Europe and Scandinavia.


You can find more of Protokol Korsakov on Soundcloud.

SacrificeProtokol Korsakov
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